Traveling from East To Mid West

Leaving New Jersey I traveled through Delaware, Maryland, D.C., Northern Virginia to Fayetteville, N.C. where we celebrated Mom's birthday.  Leaving N.C. I traveled through Southern Virginia, West Virginia spending the night in Georgetown, Kentucky before traveling through Indiana and Illinois finally reaching  St. Louis, Missouri.  After the 4th of July barbecue with family and a day or two of rest I was back on the road.  I again had to go through Illinois and Indiana before reaching Ohio where I spent the night in Columbus.  While in Ohio I visited the University my husband and I graduated, I hadn't seen it in 42 years!  My how things have changed.  I did recognize the dorm I lived in and the Business Department where most of my classes were.  Once I left Ohio, I had to go through the northern part of West Virginia before taking the dreaded Pennsylvania Turnpike.  I went through several mountain tunnels before I reached New Jersey again.  I enjoyed my road trip, God was merciful to me, no car problems, no accidents and no spending tickets.  Most of the time I was not aware of my speed until I saw a patrol car.  Enjoy the pictures through the different states and my Alma Mater.