Honor thy Father and Mother *updated 8/13/16

Ephesians 6:2 tells us to honor our Father and Mother that it may be well with you and that you may have long life.  My Mom is certainly blessed with long life as you will see from the pics and video clips I have posted.  The pictures were taken in her late 90's leading up to her 100 birthday next month.  She loves to fish in the Poconos, and garden.  She use to sew and knit, but arthritis has prevented her from continuing.  About 2 years ago she was knitting baby hats to donate to the local hospital for newborns.  The picture to the right is her at her last granddaughter's wedding in March 2016 (my daughter Courtney).  She has many great, great-great, granddaughters but Courtney was the last single granddaughter.  Yea Courtney!

She may be a little slower, a little weaker, but the mind is still sharp.  She's living proof that if you have the will, you can do almost anything.  So stop making excuses, you are never to old to complete those dreams, or start a new venture.

Big Brown Bear Hatchery

Mom rushing to her favorite fishing spot in the Poconos 2015

Big Brown Bear Hatchery 2015

Her favorite past time!

The fruits of Labor!

Fresh trout, yummy dinner! This is why Mom likes to fish at Big Brown Bear Hatchery.

Mom's garden 2015

Mom prepping her garden for fall planting, Sept. 2015

Good genes! my father, Willie Burnett showing off one of his 48 lbs. watermelons to the local press at age 91.

A life sized doll Mom made a few years back. She taught a class on doll making at a health facility around 95.

Pocono Mountains Aug. 2015

Still determined to get to that fishing spot!

Mom's Garden

1st cantaloupe from Mom's garden 8/2016

Mom has quite a few things growing in her backyard garden, zucchini, string beans, corn, potatoes, cantaloupes, mustard greens, a few peanuts and even a grapevine grown from seeds from my father's grapevine which was planted over 18 years ago in North Carolina!