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My son told me some time ago that I should blog since I am not on facebook.  Apparently, he thinks I have something to say or share with people.  Well I'm new at this, I feel like it's my attempt at using the pc for the first time.

Let me tell you a little about myself, I was married for 41 years to my childhood sweetheart until he passed June 19, 2015.  He was a great husband and father and he believed in God.  Together we raised our two sons and a daughter in church.  My oldest son is married with 3 children, my youngest son is married with one daughter, and my daughter was married almost 3 months ago.  I am the primary caregiver of my Mother who will be 100 on July 5th.

I love to cook and work in my yard, planting flowers and vegetables.  I also like to sew, knit and draw.  A few years ago I learned to fish so I could enjoy one of Mom's passions with her. Over 4 years ago I started writing two books and I just published the first one last month.  My book is entitled "The Pastor's Wife" which I have included a copy of the cover to the right of this page.

I plan to share my beliefs in God, my views on life, my hobbies, cooking and lots of family pictures.  I have not had a break since last year as I worked tirelessly trying to keep the church together after the Pastor, my husband passed.  I am planning a road trip in a few weeks, first stop Fayetteville, NC.  My sister will be hosting Mom's 100th birthday party, and then I will be going on to the Midwest.  I hope to share more so stay tuned.